Build Muscle and Get Big with Amino Prime – The Workout

by admin on July 30, 2014

Amino Prime Supplement the WorkoutThis is the first article in a series of 3 where we are going to cover how you can build muscles and get big with Amino Prime nitric oxide supplement.

In the following I am going to tell you how to use a nitric oxide supplement like Amino Prime the best possible way in order to build rock hard solid muscles mass and gain a couple of pounds in body weight.

First of all when you build muscles it is very important that you do not completely rely on a supplement to do the work for you. You do need to train hard, preferable in a gym. You also need a proper diet to suit your needs based on a high intake of proteins.

Amino Prime, Proteins and Creatine for Faster Results

However supplements like Amino Prime, a good protein powder and perhaps creatine will help you to reach your goals much faster and will give you better results in the end if you are doing it the right way, when it comes to workout, diet and supplements.

Gaining weight in form of more muscle mass can be very difficult for many guys in their late teenager years and in their twenties. This is often because they have a high metabolism that burns of all the calories you are taking in from your food. This means less proteins, fats and carbohydrates will be available for your muscle building.

For guys with a high metabolism that does not do anything to change it, the result will be that you will get a little marked muscle mass but really not reach the higher levels of muscle building, the levels where you are really standing out.

This is why Amino Prime can be very helpful for you and your muscle building efforts.

Increase Your Nitric Oxide Levels with Amino Prime

Amino Prime will raise your nitric oxide levels so more nutrients will be passing through your blood vessels out to the muscles. Here it is highly needed for recovery and build up of new muscle tissue.

At the same time Amino Prime will enhance the uptake of proteins into your body up to ten times more effectively. This is just what you need if are having problems gaining muscle mass and weight.

In the following I am going to tell you what else you need to do in order to get the best out of Amino Prime.

The Workout

Most guys who want to build serious muscle mass normally do a split routine where they typically are doing chest and triceps every Monday, back and biceps on Tuesdays, legs on Wednesday etc. Working each body part once a week can be done better.

This is the way you should do it as well because you will be able to put more pressure on each body part and you will avoid too much cardiovascular in your training that would burn off important nutrients.

Where you should do it different that most guys do is instead of having 7 day intervals, for each body part, you should aim for 5 days instead. Like for example you do chest on Monday, Saturday and then again the following Thursday.

With this approach you will be capable of putting enough stimuli on your muscles to make them grow and still have enough rest between.

Most guys tend to workout chest every Monday, for some reason so with this approach you can avoid waiting in line in case you training in a gym with a lot of members.

The Workout Plan using Amino Prime

Remember you should take your dosage of Amino Prime around one hour before your workout in order to get the best results from this nitric oxide supplement. That way you will ensure optimal uptake of nutrients into your muscles.

Your workout plan should look like something like this


Chest, abs and biceps

First concentrate on chest because that group of muscles is the biggest. In general you should always do the bigger muscle group first and the smaller afterwards.

Incline Bench Press

Here it is the inclined bench press, especially good when you want to get more mass on top of your chest. This exercises helps you with the separation between collarbone and chest.

Flat Bench Press

4 sets with a rep range from 8 – 12

Shift between dumbbell bench press and the Olympic barbell bench press for each workout.

Incline Bench Press

4 sets with a rep range from 8 – 12

Again you shift between dumbbells incline bench press and the Olympic barbell incline bench press for each workout.

Chest Fly

4 sets with a rep range from 10 -15

Shift between using dumbbells fly and the seated lever fly machine for each workout

Bent-Arm Dumbbell Pullover

4 sets with a rep range from 8 – 12 of bent arm dumbbell pullover


At this point your should feel a good pump in your should now. If you have been using Amino Prime for a couple of days are you are going to start to feel the pump. That is when your veins are expanded pumping blood out to your muscles. This not only look cool it will also give you extra strength so you can give your guns a good pump.

Dumbbell Curls

3 sets with a rep range from 8 – 12

Barbell Curls

3 sets with a rep range from 8 – 12

Hammer Curls

3 sets with a rep range from 8 – 12

Guys with very skinny arms can do 4 sets instead of 3 for each workout.


I am pretty conservative when it comes to working out abs and normally stick to basic exercises like crunches, leg raises and rope crunches.

I do not believe it is a good idea to do hundreds of reps of each exercise. It takes too much time and is really not that good for your lower back. Instead use some weight and do weighted abs exercises instead.

Do a rep range of up to max 25 in the first set, then grab some heavier weigh and do between 15 and 20 in the next. The weight should be so you feel it burn in your abs.

Sit Ups

3 sets with a rep range from 10 – 25

Make sure that nothing hold your legs down on the ground and remember to pull your shoulders all the way down to the floor each time.

Leg Raises

3 sets with a rep range from 10- 25

Side Crunches

3 sets with a rep range from 10 – 25

To target your oblique’s as well

Your next Chest, Abs and Bicep workout will be the coming Saturday.


Back, Tricpes and Calves

You might feel a little sore after a good workout the day before. But the soreness will disappear as soon as you get ready to hit the gym and take your dose of Amino Prime.

Here is what you need to do for your back, biceps and calves.

Pull Downs

4 sets with a rep range from 8 – 12

Make sure to keep your lower back steady and do not bounce back and forth

Seated Row Exercise

A classic row pull here performed with a row machine. This exercise really help you to build muscles on the mid of your back.


4 sets with a rep range from 8 – 12

Shift between two arm row and one arm rows with Dumbbells

Reverse Grip Pull Downs

4 sets with a rep range from 8 – 12

Despite being very similar to pull downs this is a great exercise to work more with the mid of your upper back and to add some thickness to it.

Bent over Rows

4 sets with a rep range from 8 – 12

Because you will lean your body a little forward it is important that you keep your back straight and make sure to bend your knees. This way you will protect your lower back.


Rope pull downs

3 sets with a rep range from 10 – 15


3 sets, as many you can do with the weight of your body

If you are not that strong yet you can do the assisted dips instead.

French press

4 sets with a rep range from 10 – 15

For guys with skinny arms do 4 sets each instead of 3. But only as long as you do not feel any pains in your tendons and ligaments.


Sitting calve raises

4 sets with a rep range from 15 – 25

Standing calve raises

4 sets with a rep range from 15 – 25

calves is the most stubborn group of muscles but guys with well trained calves really stand out.


Legs and Abs

Day three in your cycle. This day we are going to take a break with your upper body and give it a little rest. We are going to train legs which is just as important as your upper body. Don’t become like the guys who never train their legs and hide them in a pair of baggy pants. That is stupid and looks silly.

Because legs are large groups of muscles there are a lot of benefits training your legs. You will release a good cocktail of hormones that will benefit your whole body when it comes to muscle building.

Legs Extensions

3 to 4 sets with 10 – 15 reps each

Keep the weight a little lighter and use the machine as a leg warm up instead. Using the Leg Extension machine to build muscles with is really not that effective.

Leg Curls Seated

3 to 4 sets with 10 – 15 reps each

Preferable use the seated leg curl machine. The one where you lie down puts too much pressure on your lower back. Again this exercise is more as a warm up and will really not build any muscles.

Leg Presses

4 sets 10 – 15 reps each

Make sure to pull your legs back towards your chest as much as possible and make sure not to use your hands to push your legs.

Smith Machine Squats

Here the squats are performed with a Smith Machine for better stability.


4 sets 8 – 12 reps each

Shift between regular squats and using the smith machine. Make sure to keep you back straight.

Stiff Legged Dead Lifts

4 sets with 8 – 12 reps each

I prefer to use stiff legged dead lift instead of regular dead lift, because this exercise is safer to do. Guys who are just starting out can really get injured doing regular dead lift because it demands a defined technique in order not to push your lower back .


Sit Ups

3 sets with a rep range of 10 – 25

Rope crunches

3 sets with a rep range of 10 – 25

Oblique Twists

3 sets with a rep range of 10 -25

Remember to do all abs exercises weighted.


We keep this day a little bit easier because this is your 4th day in a row


Lateral Raise with Dumbbells

3 sets with a rep range of 10 – 15

Dumbbel Shoulder Press

This exercise is one of the best for your shoulder. It can really help you to build mass and should not be avoided.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

3 sets with a rep range of 8 – 12

Do Barbell Shoulder Press in every second workout.

Back Fly

3 sets with a rep range of 10 – 15

Switch between the cables and the reverse fly machine

Front Dumbbell Raises

3 sets with a rep range of 8 – 12

Shrugs, 3 sets with a rep range of 10 – 15


Time to rest


Repeat the Monday session

What to Do Next?

As we mentioned earlier in order to get optimal muscle mass you need to take Amino Prime nitric oxide supplement before your workout.

Straight after your workout it is time for a protein shake so you can start your recovery as fast as possible. The shake should be taken within one hour after your workout.

Because you want to gain weight and get more muscle mass I recommend you to take a weight gainer like This is basically a protein shake as well but with a unique combination of carbohydrates added

When you want to gain more muscles and weight I recommend you to use a protein weight gainer shake like BSN True Mass the one Ronnie Coleman (8 time Mr. Olympia) used to use. Because you want to gain weight feel free to use milk, else water will be fine too.

Other weight gainers at different price levels can be found here.

What you should here is to add a teaspoon of Creatine into your shake. This will add more anaerobic energy inside your muscles and you will be able improve your endurance and lift more. I just mix the Creatine directly into my shake, that way you will not taste the powdered taste that Creatine comes with.

We will be covering your diet in the next section and more about the proteins, creatine and Amino Prime in a later section as well.

Free Trial of Amino Prime

Remember that you for a limited period of time can get yourself a free trial of Amino Prime. This is a good opportunity to test it and feel all the benefits on your own body.

To learn more Amino Prime free trial click on the link below.

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