Build Muscle and Get Big with Amino Prime XL – The Diet

by admin on July 31, 2014

Getting your diet right when you are using Amino Prime XLThis is the second article in a series of three where we are going to cover how you can gain more muscles and get bigger the best possible way using Amino Prime XL.

In this section we are going to take a closer look on exactly what you need to do with your diet to get that muscle mass and to gain an extra couple of pounds when you are using Amino Prime XL.

This is diet is especially good for skinny guys who are struggling with a high metabolism that makes it very difficult for them to gain muscles.

Before we begin and to clear out any misunderstandings Amino Prime and Amino Prime XL is the same supplement.

Forget All About High Calorie Diets

First of all forget all about cream and ice cream diets if you want to gain weight and build muscles.

Also forget all about taking in an extreme amounts of weight gainers in order to get that extra mass.

If you take in too many calories you will sooner or later crash your metabolism and end up getting fat instead of building muscles. If not now then later on in your life.

Don’t Do The Same Mistakes as Other Guys

In my time as a trainer and working out myself I have seen plenty of guys with the best intentions when it comes to building muscles, ending up getting fat instead of gaining muscles. Simply because their diet was wrong and they did not correct it in time.

You need to build muscles without gaining any body fat on your body. This is what looks good and will give you the wow effect. Not that bulky refrigerator look a lot of guys has, because they did not pay attention to their diet.

You also need to be aware that this does not happen overnight. It is a process that needs dedication and hard work. But the awards when you succeed goes beyond what you can imagine right now at this point.

So let’s get started.

What You Need to Focus on When it Comes to Your Diet

Basically you need to have a meal every three hours spread out throughout the day.

Complete Diet Plan with Amino Prime XL

If you are awake from 6 in the morning to 1 in the night you are going to have 7 meals that day. If you go to bed at 10 you are down to six meals that day. For you who wants to build muscles it is not about having the recommended 5 to 6 meals a day but a question about eating every three hours.

Because you are a guy who probably do not like to spend too much time in the kitchen it is important that you keep it as simple as possible.

Also note that I do not mention how many calories each meal contains because I don’t think you are going to the supermarket to count the calories in each item you are buying.

Because you have a high metabolism and have difficulties gaining weight, you at this point have no idea how much any calorie means to you anyway.

You need Amino Prime XL to ensure that more important nutrients are getting out to your muscles. Amino Prime XL will raise your nitric oxide levels so your blood vessels will be able to transport more nutrients.

Your Basic Set Point is 30 g of Proteins in Each Meal

The only numbers you need to be sure of is that you need at least 30 grams of proteins in each of your meals. That’s your basic set point.

What you need to do is to eat so you feel full and satisfied in each meal. Do not overeat so you feel like you going to explode.

Give it 2 weeks and then check your weight. If you have gained 1 or 2 pounds you are fine and should stick to what you are eating. If you weight is the same or lower than when you started you need to add a little extra food in each meal you are having.

It is very important that you spread out the extra food you are having on all of your meals and not only one meal.

Example if you are having 6 egg whites in the morning increase it 7. Instead of the 200 grams of chicken you’re a having for dinner increase it to 225 grams.

Keep doing this until you reach a steadily weight gain each week.

Take the amount of food in each meal as a starting point and the gradually increase the amounts until you start to gain weight.

The Diet You Should Focusing On

Let’s take a closer look at the diet and the meals you are having.

Breakfast Meal 1 (6 or 7 am)

This is your first meal of the day and you should have it right after you wake up. At this point your body has been starving for the last 7 to 8 hours and you need to fill it with important nutrients so you body has something to work on right away.

6 egg whites

2 egg yolks

A bowl of oatmeal with skimmed milk

Squeeze in a couple of walnuts and perhaps raisins to spice it up a little

Sweetener is ok

Coffee or tea

Many trainees avoid the yolks in eggs because they are high in cholesterol and contain fats. However despite bad cholesterol being unhealthy for you in high amounts, you still need it so your body can develop testosterone which you need to build muscles.

Cholesterol is the building blocks of testosterone.

Meal 2 (9 or 10 am

30 g of proteins with skimmed milk in a protein shake

You are probably busy at this time so this is just a fast meal to get over with.

Lunch Meal 3 (12 or 1 pm)

One of the most important meals of the day and here you need to feel full and satisfied after your meal.

Grilled Chicken with Basmati Rice perfect together with Amino Prime XL

Yummy!! Functional bodybuilding food does really not have to be boring…

200 g of meat in form of chicken/ fish or red meat

Chicken or fish like any white fish or salmon are the best choices. Red meat should be limited to only a couple of times during the week.

80 g of brown or Basmati rice potatoes are OK as well.

Get some salad or vegetable as well for your lunch, it is healthy and will give you vitamins and fibers.

Pre Workout Meal 4 (3 or 4 PM)

This meal is important because you need fuel for your workout so you are not running out of energy.

30 g of proteins mixed with skimmed milk as a protein shake

1 fruit of your choice

Personally I would sometimes go for a bowl of oatmeal instead of the fruit, especially if I have been working out for some time. This will give me extra energy so I do not run out of energy, especially on leg days.

Remember Amino Prime XL

2 capsules of Amino Prime XL

This will give you more endurance and energy so you will be able to push yourself more during your workout.

Remember Amino Prime XL will improve the uptake of nutrients into your body up to 10 times more effectively. This goes for your pre and post workout meal as well.

Avoid Taking Amino Prime XL on an Empty Stomach

For me it works better to take supplements destined for my workout together with a meal.

Make sure that you eat your pre workout meal around one hour before your workout. If you have them to close to your workout it will slow down your energy levels and in worse case make you vomit during your workout, because the food was not digested well.

Do not train on an empty stomach.

Post Workout Meal 5 (Right After Your Workout 6 or 7 pm)

50 grams of proteins in form of a weight gainer shake. Mix it with skimmed milk or water.

Amino Prime XL Protein Drink

If you are using Creatine you can put a teaspoon in your shake.

The weight Gainer True mass from BSN is a good choice here. It gives you around 650 calories and the right amount of proteins, a little fat and some sugars without being too much at this point.

At this point right after your workouts you need to sugars to restore your glycogen levels in your muscles.

You can find other weight Gainer supplements here.

Dinner Meal 6 (8 or 9 pm)

This meal is basically similar to your lunch. If you had chicken for lunch then go for fish or read meat in order to bring some variety to it.

200 g of meat in form of chicken/ fish or red meat

80 g of brown or Basmati rice, You can also eat potatoes but stay away from pastas.

Again get some vegetable or a salad to ensure you get the vitamins and fibers you are getting.

Before Bedtime Meal 7 (10 or 12 pm)

The purpose of this meal is to give your body some proteins to work with while you are sleeping.

30 grams of proteins either as a shake, cottage cheese or some lean chicken

Personally I would just get it over with and get another shake. But it can be tiring with all these shakes during the day.

Optional you can get some cottage cheese on some crackers.

If I am very hungry at this point perhaps after a hard leg day I would not be afraid of getting some oatmeal or fiber rich dark bread, with some chicken or meat. This depend on how you feel and whether you are gaining weight or not.

After your last meal it’s straight to bed to get a good night sleep so your body can recover.

What You Need to Be Aware Of Regarding Your Diet

There are a few things that you need to be aware of when it comes to getting your diet just right if you want to gain muscles and more weight.

First, 1/3 of your total food intake for the day should be before and after your workout. This means that your pre and post workout meals, together with your dinner are the most important meals for you as a muscle builder. This is here you really need to pay attention to your diet.

It is around this time that you have all the opportunities to really gain muscle mass.

On your resting days you still need to eat. Here I would just leave out the weight gainer to start out with. If I was not gaining weight I would also use the weight gainer on my days off.

In order to get the most out of Amino Prime XL you need to take it around an hour before your workout. You can skip taking the Amino Prime XL on your resting days.

Supplements Recommended for This Diet

Basically you really do not need that many supplements in order to be able to gain muscle mass and get bigger.

However there are 4 that you do need to put attention on.

A Regular Protein Powder

A regular protein shake that you take throughout the day when you need some proteins. Normally they comes with around 25 to 30 g of proteins per serving and almost no fat or carbohydrates.

You can see the Whey Proteins I recommend here.

A Weight Gainer

Next you will need the weight gainer power. This is a mix of proteins and carbohydrates and a little healthy fat. This can really help you put some muscle mass on your body as long as you take them right after your work out.

Check out the Weight Gainers That I recommend here.

A Good Creatine

Creatine is a good supplement to use as well because it will increase your energy levels inside your muscles and your endurance. This means you will have more stamina in your muscles for your workout.

Best place to buy creatine click here.

The Amino Prime XL Supplement

Finally we have Amino Prime XL. This is a nitric oxide supplement that will enhance the effects of the other supplements and will increase your nitric oxide levels. If you are a skinny guy this is just what you need to overcome a high metabolism and finally start to pack on some serious muscle mass.

Get a Free Trial of Amino Prime XL today

For a very limited period of time you can get yourself a free trial of Amino Prime XL. This is a good opportunity to test and try out this supplement so you can feel all the benefits in your own muscle building.

To get started with a free trial of Amino Prime XL today or to learn more click on the link below.

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